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Ascend Paintball


Pump your adrenaline with this adventurers' game. Paintball is a fun game to play with friends and as part of a team, while utilizing skills and tactics.

Eliminating the opposing team by hitting them with paintballs, or capturing the opposition’s flags whilst protecting your own buddies.



Up to 10 People included
Each additional person + $39.99

Package Includes

Up-to one and half hours of access to our field ground

Admission for up to 10 players

Paintball Equipment

Protective Mask

100 paintball per player

Paintball Girl


Q. What is the minimum age to play?

 The minimum age is 12 years old.

Q. Is there any risk of safety issues?

When the safety rules are followed, statistics show that paintball is safer than golf, tennis, and swimming.

Q. I’m worried about spoiling my clothes. Are the paintball stains washable?

Paintballs today are made from washable chemicals, they are not even painting, you still can wash them with water. In any case, it is recommended that you use old clothes because they may really get dirty during game-play.

Q. I don't know the rules, Am I going to have training?

Absolutely. An instructor will manage the process and will also explain safety procedures, and the rules of the game.

Q. Can I bring my own paintballs?

No. We provide tested and approved quality paintballs. No exceptions!

Q. Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes, you can, however, it should meet our standard safety requirements. We reserve the right to not allow certain equipment that does not meet our standards.

Q. Can I buy more paintballs if I run out?

Yes. Extra 500 paintballs will cost an additional $50.

Q. What happens if it rains?

In many cases, the game would go ahead regardless. Ascend Camp reserves the right to reschedule the game depending on the weather condition and its severity. We will make sure that safety is always a priority.

Q. Are parents or non-playing children allowed to watch the game?

No. It is not safe to be close to the paintball field without protection. You are welcome to wander in our main camp field where there is a playground, Gazebo, Swings, and much more. You may also get a free cup of coffee. However, you would not be allowed to go hiking through the trails or in staff-only areas.

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