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Horseback Riding Experience!

Shoulders back, heels down!

Interested in taking your riding to the next level? Want a more in-depth, hands-on experience? Then, our lessons are what you are looking for!! You will learn different elements of horse care, as well as riding instruction in a one-on-one setting that is specific to you!

Abigail Camarillo

About The Instructor

Abigail Camarillo has been in the equine industry for 8 years. She graduated from Meredith Manor International Equestrian College in 2017 with certifications in Riding, Training, and Leatherworking. She has worked as a trainer in Texas, North Carolina, and Spain. She has experience in both Western and English disciplines with Reining, Western Dressage, Dressage, and Jumping. She was trained to ride in the Classical Dressage Seat and teaches her students to ride in the same way.

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What you will learn

Here at Ascend, we believe that riding skills are only a part of true horsemanship. For this reason, our students will learn horse safety on the ground, how to groom and saddle a horse properly, and how to ride a horse correctly with balance and communication. Ultimately, successful riding is acquired by having a good partnership between horse and rider, and this is what we strive to teach our students.

Riding skills

Posture and gaits

Mounting and dismounting

Barn care and safety


Grooming and cooling down

Care of equipment and tack

Equine first aid