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Welcome to Ascend Camp & Retreat Center

Ascend is a camp with a heart and soul created to provide meaningful experiences that transform the lives of those who go through it!


Look To Elevate!
Look To Ascend!

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Best of Texas/DFW Horseback Riding

We are proud to have been awarded the Best of Texas/DFW Horseback Riding Experience!


Whether you’re trying to plan your company’s holiday party, a family reunion, or just a special event, this is the place of excitement!

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Scouts Camping is a great way to explore leadership, build skills, and develop a deep appreciation for nature. Camping gives an opportunity to grow, explore, and have fun.

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Day trips for schools are a fantastic way to get your students out of the classroom and enhance their learning, while still remaining flexible and affordable.


Get To Know

  • Warm hospitality and special attention to guests’ needs
  • 54 acres of unique topography 
  • Special offerings geared specifically towards schools and scout units
  • Climate controlled, quality lodging for 160 people
  • 25 minutes from DFW International Airport
  • Amazing food
  • Wide range of activities in one place
  • Accredited by the American Camp Association

Ascend takes great pride in maintaining a neutral position on all fronts. As a non-denominational camp retreat, we do not discriminate against any religious beliefs or affiliations. In addition, our position on political, ethical, cultural, or educational philosophies remains neutral. As a result, you can have peace of mind knowing that when you choose Ascend as your venue of choice, your group will not experience any prejudice or judgmental overtones from our staff or other guests. However, we reserve the right to exclude or not accept groups that do not adhere to our restrictions. Those that are, to name a few: any groups that wish to consume alcohol or controlled substances and firearms, concealed or otherwise, fall into our restricted category. We do not wish to have any negative impacts on our guests, clients, or our staff.

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