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Pony Party


Birthday wishes are coming true at Ascend

For the children who dream of riding horses, we've tailored this Pony Party just for them! Your kids will enjoy a day of fun like no other—full of horses, cake, and party games. From horseback riding, to pony painting, and even a horse drawn carriage; customize your event from our different activities offered till it's just right for you. Excitement and fun await!

What's included

One party, three different options of fun to choose from


Corral Ride: Designed for beginners to be able to independently ride while still being in a controlled environment. Each child will be able to ride as many times as they want within the one hour time limit, and they will be supervised by an experienced wrangler for the duration of the ride. The Corral is a walk-only, fenced-in track that is perfect for children to experience the joy of riding without the pressure of knowing how to steer or guide the horse on their own. Two ponies will be able to walk around the Corral at a time, carrying one child each. Children not currently riding will be able to engage in other fun activities and games as they wait. This option is recommended for children ages 5-10.


Carriage Ride: A fun option for children that want to have a more fast-paced experience. Our cart is pulled by one of our well-trained ponies, and it is a unique alternative to an average pony ride. The cart will be driven by an experienced driver on a paved path within the camp. Children will be able to ride one at a time in our cart. Children not currently in the cart will be able to engage in other fun activities and games as they wait. This option is recommended for children of all ages.


Pony Painting: Is a fun and creative option for children that do not want to ride, but still want to have a fun interaction with horses. 5 children will be able to paint at a time and will be supervised by an experienced wrangler for the duration of the painting. We use washable paint, and children will have the opportunity to wash the pony after they finish. This is a fun option for children of all ages. Pony Painting is only available from late Spring to early Fall. Please inquire for availability.

Two hour event

First hour is your horse  activity of choice

Second hour to serve your cake


Event theme

Tables / Seating provided

15 Children maximum

Adults come free but are not able to ride

*The minimum age for all horse related activities is 5 and up. Children 4 and under are allowed to participate in all other activities not including horses. Adults are not permitted to ride, only children may ride. The maximum weight to ride a pony is 100lbs per child. If a child is above this weight limit, please notify us at least 48 hours prior to your party and we will have a horse prepared for them. There is no weight limit for carriage rides. Signed waivers are required for all children wishing to participate in any of our horse related activities. They will not be able to do so without one.


Is cake provided?

Cake is not provided, nor are any beverages or snacks. Guests are welcome to bring their own food, drinks, and cake with them. No alcohol is permitted.

How long do the children get to spend with the horses?

Your horse-related activity of choice for the pony party (corral rides, carriage rides, or pony painting) will last one hour. Children will not be able to interact with the horses afterwards. You will have an additional hour to serve cake and anything else you would like to after the activities have commenced.

Can we choose more than one activity with the horses?

No, you will have the option of only one of the horse-related activities offered for your pony party (corral rides, carriage rides, or pony painting). No exceptions made.

What happens if we arrive late?

We have a tight schedule, and if you arrive late we will not be able to accommodate you with extra time. Your party will end at the time it was scheduled.

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