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Outdoor Movie Night

Ascend Movie Night


Bring the magic of the big screen to your community.

Whether you are a school, council, university, community group, or family with friends gathering, we have you covered! Our package includes large portable inflatable movie screens, premium projection, concert-grade sound system, and other equipment. We do the hard work of outdoor movie theatre set-up, operating, movie license approvals along with the movie – you simply provide the title of the movie and audience. It’s that easy. Imagine your next party…movies outdoor under the stars on a huge inflatable screen! At Ascend, it’s not just possible, it’s affordable.


Add $100 for flow of popcorn

Package Includes

Access to our grass field ground

Admission for all of your group

33ft Giant screen

Projector and Sound System

Movie rental and License

Outdoor Movie Night


Q. What happens in bad weather?

Screenings will still go ahead in inclement weather conditions and are never canceled more than 12 hours ahead of the screening time as the weather can change rapidly. Rain and moderate to heavy wind mostly will cause a cancellation and the event to be rescheduled. Customers accept the risk that weather they consider unsatisfactory like cold temperature may occur on a screening night, and acknowledge that booking will not be refunded or rescheduled. In an event where we consider the safety of the audience could be compromised, the film may be canceled at short notice.

Cancellations will always be a last resort and only authorized by Ascend Camp and Retreat Center. In the unlikely event of a cancellation, the booking will be rescheduled for another screening time.

Q. Can I smoke at the screenings?

Smoking is not permitted inside the audience seating area.  Where smoking is permitted at a venue, we ask visitors to move away from the crowd to smoke in the designated smoking area out of respect for other audience members.

Q. Can I bring tables and chairs?

Please note that limited benches are provided, so you are encouraged to bring chairs or other suitable items to sit on. Seating is in the open air on grass so please ensure you bring appropriate provision for your needs. Tents, awnings, or canopies, or any item which could obscure other patrons’ views are not permitted. Small tables are permitted but they must be kept to the sides or collapsed during the screening.

Q. What should I wear?

The screenings are all held outdoors so please ensure you wear appropriate clothing but also feel free to embrace the grandeur of the events and turn out in your dapper best! Please bear in mind that it can get chilly later in the evenings so make sure you bring something warm to wrap up in.

Q. Will food and drink be available on site?

With prior coordination with Ascend Camp and Retreat Center, we can arrange a set of various food options for your group. Drinks of coffee, tea, and soda would be available for sale.

Q. Is alcoholic beverages allowed?

Ascend Camp and Retreat Center policy is strictly prohibiting any alcoholic drinks on the site. No exceptions.

Q. Can I bring a dog to the screening?

With the exception of assistance dogs, we will not be permitting dogs into any venue.

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